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A Way Out of Government School Tyranny – ESAs

So you don’t want your children or grandchildren taught the progressive agenda of sexual aberration, socialism, radical environmentalism and common core. And you don’t want your kids forced to share bathrooms and showers with members of the opposite sex. You want to exercise more oversight of their education, but you can’t afford private school. Help is on the way! ESAs…

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Few But Mighty – Our 2018 Oregon Ballot Measures

In addition to critical votes for state lawmakers and Governor, there are five measures on Oregon’s November ballot. Measure 102 would allow municipal bond revenue to fund privately owned affordable housing. Another attempt to address homelessness and housing problems around the edges, without addressing the core issues. Measure 103 would ban taxes on groceries. This is preemptive, since there is…

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November’s Critical Election – In Oregon!

By now, everyone is well aware of the importance of this fall’s midterm election. If the Democrats take control of the United States House of Representatives, the push to impeach President Trump will begin, with all the attendant negative results. But few people know that November’s Oregon state election is just as critical. The fate of a huge tax increase…

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