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Ready Set Go – 2020 Legislative Races and Commitment

Anger is a gift from God. But like most gifts, it can be properly or improperly used. Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:29 to be angry, but don’t sin. Oregonians who love and cherish liberty are properly angry with the current Oregon legislature. Massive new taxes, blatant attacks on private property, and draconian restrictions on our Second Amendment gun liberties…

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Ready Set Go – 2020 Legislative Races and Tax Day

We’re half way through Oregon’s Legislative session and can plainly see the results of large Democrat majorities in both the Oregon House and Senate. Theft of our kicker, attacks on private property and guns, universal home visits for newborns, drivers’ licenses for illegals, and taxes galore are just the tip of the iceberg. While most anger is directed to Gov.…

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Taxing The Deplorables

Whether it was Obama’s bitter clingers, Romney’s “those people” or Hillary’s deplorables, main stream politicians consider nearly half of all Americans as beyond help. They might engage in palliative care for them, not trying to change their conditions but keeping them comfortably numb with a modicum of benefits. They call these “entitlements,” to deceive the deplorables into thinking The Power…

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