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Ready Set Go – 2020 Legislative Races and Commitment

Anger is a gift from God. But like most gifts, it can be properly or improperly used. Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:29 to be angry, but don’t sin. Oregonians who love and cherish liberty are properly angry with the current Oregon legislature. Massive new taxes, blatant attacks on private property, and draconian restrictions on our Second Amendment gun liberties…

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E F Hutton, The National Enquirer, Miller Time, and Political Effectiveness

Respect, Knowledge, Life, and Political Effectiveness The big picture. Everybody wants to be respected. We all want to be listened to, to be valued and to know that people are actually giving weight to our views.  We all want to know what’s really going on, to increase our knowledge of the facts that will help explain our situation and point…

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