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Taxing The Deplorables

Whether it was Obama’s bitter clingers, Romney’s “those people” or Hillary’s deplorables, main stream politicians consider nearly half of all Americans as beyond help. They might engage in palliative care for them, not trying to change their conditions but keeping them comfortably numb with a modicum of benefits. They call these “entitlements,” to deceive the deplorables into thinking The Power…

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Oregon Democrats Go Socialist

Oregon Senate Passes 1st-In-Nation Statewide Rent Control In an astonishing bit of statist hubris and bullying, Kate Brown is ramrodding a bill that seizes control of private property owners’ decision-making. After just one public hearing, Senate Bill 608 passed the Oregon Senate on February 12 and is now in the House. It limits rent increases to 7% annually and prohibits…

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