Author: Dennis Tuuri

The Dems and the Court of Appeals Prevent A Fair Election

Gov. Kate Brown and the Democrat administration has some 250 bills they are preparing for the January legislative session. A fair election would allow Oregon’s voters to know what Democrat candidates have planned for them. How many new taxes are being planned? What new restrictions on homeowners will be sought? Will pregnancy resource centers be attacked? What do the LGBT…

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E F Hutton, The National Enquirer, Miller Time, and Political Effectiveness

Respect, Knowledge, Life, and Political Effectiveness The big picture. Everybody wants to be respected. We all want to be listened to, to be valued and to know that people are actually giving weight to our views.  We all want to know what’s really going on, to increase our knowledge of the facts that will help explain our situation and point…

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Stop Oregon Progressives By Strategic Volunteering NOW

Oregon‘s conservatives, evangelicals, and libertarians have tremendous power over the next three weeks. You may not feel that way, but its true. A flip from Democrat to Republican in just two critical State Senate races would freeze the progressive agenda in its tracks. Any bill must pass the Oregon Senate to become law. If we win these two key seats…

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