Democrats Attack…Democracy!!

The Oregon Senate is now fast-tracking SB 761. It would eliminate so-called “e-sheets.” These are initiative or referral petitions that can be filled out by a single voter and then sent in. It has been in use for ten years and has a much higher rate of authentication than multi-signer petition sheets. It is particularly helpful for the elderly.

The initiative and referral processes are highly democratic. They allow citizens to refer bills passed in Oregon to a vote of the people, and also initiate changes to law. SB761 would make it harder for shut-ins to engage in the democratic process.

At a public hearing this week, there were only three people supporting the anti-democratic bill – all union lobbyists, including the Oregon Education Association, arch-rivals of liberty.

Opposing the bill were some strange bedfellows – the liberal ACLU and League of Women Voters as well as various conservatives. Also in opposition was the Oregon Secretary of State, her assistant, and the head of the Elections Division. They provided statistics showing single signer sheets are authenticated at a much higher rate than the other options.

Because it has an emergency clause attached to it, SB761 would stop the use of single signer sheets to refer the recent 2 billion dollar tax hike to voters.

Its clear. Some Democrats are more interested in grabbing your money than in democracy. Shame on then!

A vote is scheduled for Wednesday, May22 at 1 PM in the Senate Committee on Rules. This is our best shot at killing this bill. Please call Senator Arnie Roblan at 503-986-1705. You can also email him at He has been a supporter of liberty on other issues. Ask him respectfully to vote NO on SB761.

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