THESE Teachers are Hurting Kids

There are certainly many good teachers in Oregon. But last week, thousands of teachers used their positions of trust to politicize their students and classrooms. They acted as raw union politicians, masquerading a bailout of PERS and an attack on liberty as just trying to help the kids. To those who have eyes to see, the RedforEd actions turned a school day into a propaganda day and whipped up attitudes destructive to the Common Good.

The highlight of the Salem rally was a speech by Lily Eskelsen García. She’s President of the NEA, National Education Association, the teachers’ union. Oregon’s walkout is just the latest of a series of such actions across the country, planned in early 2018 by the NEA.

Here’s how she “helped” the kids with her speech:

  1. She “helped” the kids by inciting them to envy, attacking Betsy DeVos for being a billionaire. Envy is one of the most destructive forces to a culture.
  2. She “helped” the kids by encouraging class warfare, through the typical Marxist technique of attacking the rich, while bemoaning the state of the poor teachers.
  3.  She “helped” the kids be ultra-partisan, attacking Oregon Republicans as bad people, not wanting to fund schools. This is a straight out lie and is disgusting. Concerns with HB3063 are all about PERS, not school funding, as she and the teachers well know. So, teachers are teaching students its good to lie when it serves partisan purposes.
  4. And speaking of lies, she “helped” kids by lying to them and encouraging them to lie to others. For instance, she said Oregon school funding is being cut every year in Oregon, when actual spending on schools has gone up 40% over the past 6 years. And her party, the Dems, have overseen school spending in this state for decades.

She promoted envy, class warfare, ultra-psrtisanship, and lies. We would think a self-respecting teacher trying to actually help kids would protest the actions of the union. Those actions hurt kids last week.

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