Ready Set Go – 2020 Legislative Races and Tax Day

We’re half way through Oregon’s Legislative session and can plainly see the results of large Democrat majorities in both the Oregon House and Senate. Theft of our kicker, attacks on private property and guns, universal home visits for newborns, drivers’ licenses for illegals, and taxes galore are just the tip of the iceberg. While most anger is directed to Gov. Brown, the real culprits are the Democrat legislators. 2020 looms. Will we go full California or stop the attack on our liberty? To increase liberty legislators, we need to get to work NOW!

We will be targeting 3 key Senate seats and 8 in the House. This would eliminate Democrat control. It will be tough. But we’re in this for the long haul. If we turn just one Senate seat or three House seats, we’ll remove the supermajority and be able to block any new taxes! And speaking of taxes…

Let’s Start With Tax Day

If you paid Oregon state taxes in 2018, you got a dollar for dollar tax credit (up to $50/single, $100/couple) for gifts given to a political action committee like PEAPAC. If you took that credit this year, great! BUT, statistically most of you didn’t. That money instead stays in Kate’s coffers. Too late to change that now for 2018. But don’t make that same mistake this year! Make your no-cost donation to PEAPAC today! We’ll use that money to reach more and more people, engaging them in the fight for liberty in Oregon. Do it now!

We’ll be posting each week to help us get to victory in 2020! Check back, and like our FB page!

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