Ready Set Go – 2020 Legislative Races and Commitment

Anger is a gift from God. But like most gifts, it can be properly or improperly used. Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:29 to be angry, but don’t sin. Oregonians who love and cherish liberty are properly angry with the current Oregon legislature. Massive new taxes, blatant attacks on private property, and draconian restrictions on our Second Amendment gun liberties are just a few of many outrages. God has given us the emotion of anger to prompt us to action and combat sluggishness.

Our anger should prompt us to a commitment to fight for liberty. Our proper anger calls us to commit to changing the law-making body of our State. If we are to advance liberty in 2020 we should commit NOW to be engaged, doing more than just voting as usual.

Electing more pro-liberty legislators in 2020 will be a heavy lift. We lack dynamic leadership and opponents of liberty are organized and well-funded. But we can do it! Will you help advance liberty for Oregon in 2020? Knowledge brings responsibility to act. If you are reading this and our other posts, you are in a great position to change our State. Let’s get started today. Like our FB page, and go to our webpage ( to sign up for our email alerts and volunteer to be a part of educating and organizing others to help in the fight.

Don’t let your anger turn into bitterness or resignation. Turn anger into commitment.

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