Taxing The Deplorables

Whether it was Obama’s bitter clingers, Romney’s “those people” or Hillary’s deplorables, main stream politicians consider nearly half of all Americans as beyond help. They might engage in palliative care for them, not trying to change their conditions but keeping them comfortably numb with a modicum of benefits. They call these “entitlements,” to deceive the deplorables into thinking The Power thinks of them as noble. They don’t.

But when The Power’s pet projects (PERS, propagandist schools, abortions for illegals, etc.) need more money, The Power will extract it from those least able to pay it – the deplorables – as quick as you can say “we can already count on your vote.”

Bills being heard in Salem this week would raise taxes on cigarettes by over $2 per pack and increase taxes on cigars and vaping. The preponderance of smokers are financially strapped. (See studies by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). For many of these, two dollars more per pack will be tough.

Many progressives despise smokers of all types. Gov. Brown has made it quite clear that the taxes are not aimed at reducing smoking but raising revenue. In our view, it is, to use an appropriate term, deplorable to tax the recreational practices of the deplorables, usually low-income, for the sake of The Power.

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