ALERT! The Dem Philistines Want Your Guns!

SB978 is on the verge of taking away your gun rights! 

What was a two-paragraph bill has been gutted and stuffed, and is now a 40 page full blown attack on your freedom! A hearing on the bill is scheduled in the Oregon Senate Tuesday, April 2 at 8 AM. Please consider attending!
Call Sen. Peter Courtney to voice your strong opposition now! His phone number is 503-986-1600. Go to Oregon Firearms Federation’s webpage for all the gory details.
The Bible and Gun Control

“Now there was no blacksmith to be found throughout all the land of Israel, for the Philistines said, ‘Lest the Hebrews make themselves swords or spears.’” 1 Samuel 13:19
In the history of God’s people, there have been continual attempts to prevent them from being able to defend their life, liberty and property. Opponents of liberty have historically retarded it by the removal of the means to defend it from oppressors. The founders of our country knew this and adopted what has become known as the Bill of Rights. The first of these rights ensured freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition of the government. They followed this immediately with the Second Amendment, establishing the right to bear arms. The purpose was to ensure the means whereby the freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment could be defended from an oppressive government. They knew their bibles, and they knew of the iron monopoly by which the Philistines and other oppressors intended to control a freedom-loving people.
In Luke 22:36, Jesus told his disciples to sell some of their possessions so they could buy weapons of self-defense. In Exodus 22:2,3, God permits the defense of one’s property, if necessary, with lethal force. This is part of God’s law which in Deuteronomy 6 is commended to the nations of the world, and which is spoken of in the book of Hebrews as exhibiting true justice (see Heb. 2:2). Many more verses could be cited. There are restrictions in the Bible as to when such lethal force is allowed. But God certainly commends weapons of self-defense and weapons to be used in defense of freedom from tyrants. The various New Zealand style gun laws now working their way through Oregon’s Legislature are, regardless of intent, threats to liberty. They are in opposition to the clear teaching of God’s Word and our own national Constitution’s guarantee of rights and the means to protect them. They should be opposed by people of faith and freedom.
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