Oregon Democrats Go Socialist

Oregon Senate Passes 1st-In-Nation Statewide Rent Control

In an astonishing bit of statist hubris and bullying, Kate Brown is ramrodding a bill that seizes control of private property owners’ decision-making. After just one public hearing, Senate Bill 608 passed the Oregon Senate on February 12 and is now in the House. It limits rent increases to 7% annually and prohibits so-called no-cause evictions. (Since our actions are caused by something, this last phrase means the State will decide WHICH causes are legal!)

Why 7%? Tina Kotek, the seemingly ego-inflated Speaker of the House, said: “We looked at how rents have moved over the last couple of years. What‘s a reasonable rate of return if you’re a business owner.” Like so many other Democrat statist would-be tyrants, she knows best about how the free market should be hindered, what a “reasonable rate of return” is. She is so cocky about her opinions, she is willing to use the full weight of law to enforce her views of a proper rate of return and legitimate causes to ask a renter to move on. The arrogance of these people is truly astonishing.  

The Dems are rushing through this socialist state-wide control of how rentals work in Oregon in a way that even startles OPB reporters I have heard comment on it. They hope to have a House vote on February 20, and make it law immediately thereafter.

There are a number of pragmatic reasons why such a grab should be rejected. Ask Venezuela how effective rent control is. But forget all that. The primary reason to oppose SB608 is that it is immoral, and unAmerican. Tina and Kate think they know better than God.

One of the most basic freedoms reiterated throughout the Bible is freedom over one’s property. Indeed at least two of the ten commandments protect property. As the Arthurian legend goes, the land and the king are one – an attack on property is an attack on its owner.

Another freedom seen throughout the Bible is the right to enter into commerce largely unencumbered by the State. Both the right of property and the inviolability of contracts are woven into our founding documents. Conversely, it is socialism that seeks to control and micro-manage property and contracts.

With SB 608, Oregon is declaring itself to be a socialist system, anti-Christian and anti-American.

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