Homes, Walls, Lunatics, and Liars

A home is a living space surrounded by walls. Pretty simple concept, although the walls’ purposes are multiple. Walls allow us to rest in our home with a sense of security. From that rest, we go forth refreshed from our homes to love others, and invite some of them into our homes.

The failure to erect physical barriers on our southern border is a completely untenable position and a dereliction of duty. To pit tech that can SEE someone crossing the border against a physical barrier that PREVENTS the crossing is an obvious and outrageous lie. Who could be so stupid?

God seems to have turned over democratic leadership to a spirit of insanity, blindness, and deceit. The further one moves away from Jesus, who is The Word and The Truth, the more one becomes detached from reality and the ability to communicate. This is not a natural consequence. It is the judgment of God. There are no brute facts. We are not deists or gnostics. Jesus is Lord, whether you “vote” for Him or not.

No doubt a rocky road thus lies ahead. But the Lord is our ultimate Wall (see Ps. 28:7, 3:3, 5:12, Zech. 2:5, etc.). We shall not fear what men may do to us. We serve the Lord of history. The future is His, and ours in Him. The world is His as well, in its every aspect. In John 3:17, our Savior said “God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world but that the world might be saved through Him.” We thus labor in an assured hope. Be of good cheer.

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