Just Two Sundays Left to Talk About the Political Action Tax Credit!

What better time to encourage Oregon taxpaying Christians to use some of their taxes to support their values! Isaiah 9:7 is one of the most familiar verses heard this time of year, due in part to Handel’s Messiah. We should rejoice that for 2000 years; Christ’s government and peace have spread around the world. Here in America particularly, our foundational laws and government reflect Biblical truth.

While the progressive media and politicians seek to destroy the Christian foundations of America, we work to support and rebuild those foundations.

One small but significant way to promote the influence of our Savior-King’s Word on government is to make use of the Oregon Political Action Tax Credit. Each year, Oregon taxpayers can divert $50 (single) or $100 (married couples) from the progressives in Salem to the Parents Education Association, working for biblical values in government. You can support your values with some of your taxes! It costs you nothing!

Would you help us let others know about the tax credit? Claw back your taxes from Kate and use them to support YOUR values! That’s a small but significant example of Christian stewardship.

Go to peapac.org and click Donate, or call us at 503-263-8337

“Of the increase of His government and of peace there will be no end” Isaiah 9:7

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