The Dems and the Court of Appeals Prevent A Fair Election

Gov. Kate Brown and the Democrat administration has some 250 bills they are preparing for the January legislative session. A fair election would allow Oregon’s voters to know what Democrat candidates have planned for them. How many new taxes are being planned? What new restrictions on homeowners will be sought? Will pregnancy resource centers be attacked? What do the LGBT activists have planned for private and home schools?

A district court judge agreed and ordered the release of these materials. But this order was appealed to the liberal dominated Oregon Court of Appeals. They said they couldn’t hear the case until after the election!  So, the Dems hidden agenda will stay hidden as they try to dupe voting Oregonians by posing as moderates.

That’s a commentary on the current corrupt state of the Democrat Party in Oregon, and the upper levels of the judicial system, many of whom were appointed by that corrupt party.

What’s a guy (or gal) to do? VOTE!! Remove the Dems from power! AND ENCOURAGE TEN OF YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE AS WELL!! One week left. Here’s a place where you can find a drop off box in your neighborhood.


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