Stop Oregon Progressives By Strategic Volunteering NOW

Oregon‘s conservatives, evangelicals, and libertarians have tremendous power over the next three weeks. You may not feel that way, but its true. A flip from Democrat to Republican in just two critical State Senate races would freeze the progressive agenda in its tracks.

Any bill must pass the Oregon Senate to become law. If we win these two key seats (and keep the handful of Republicans in place), the Senate would be tied at 15 Ds and 15 Rs. The progressive agenda would be halted. A key piece of that agenda is a carbon cap and trade bill, which would transfer over $700,000,000 from the private sector to state government. This would be devastating for every Oregonian. And that’s just one bill they want to pass! But strategic volunteering can stop this money and power grab!

State Senators make decisions for all Oregonians, so all Oregonians have a strong interest in the overall makeup of the Senate. No matter where you live, you can help win two key Senate races. Its as easy as sharing their FB stuff, if that’s all you can do.

Here’s who to help:


Alexander Flores (R)

Facebook Page is AlexanderforOregon


Senate district 15

Cornelius, Forest Grove, Hillsboro, North Plains, Aloha

Zip Codes: 97006, 97106,97113,97116,97123,97124,97133,97231


Greg Warnock (R)

Facebook Page is Warnock4Oregon


Senate District 11

Salem, Gervais, Woodburn, Keizer

Zip Codes: 97028, 97301,97302,97303,97304,97305,97317


Go to their Facebook pages, share their posts, volunteer to help them with calls, letters, etc.

Time to stop cursing the darkness and start lighting candles! Work, don’t whine! We can win!

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