Celebrate Kavanaugh Victory with A Voting Party!

Surreal. We just went through a very unsettling but clarifying event. Democrats and the media were revealed in all their nastiness and opposition to the basic tenets of justice. It was and is unsettling. But it was also clarifying. The venom was spewed not at Trump, but at a main stream Republican judge with a stellar career and not a whiff of scandal during his long public service.

This is not Trump derangement syndrome, but is much broader. That’s important for everyone to consider. The war is not between Trump and the progressives, but the progressives and those committed to the American republic, and its basic principles of liberty and justice.

For those who thought the rancor from the left was against Trump but not main stream Republicans, that illusion went out the window. Full-throated attacks were (and are) being aimed at a Bush main stream Republican. The left is clearly waging amoral war on all things non-progressive, and against the foundations of western civilization, such as the rule of law. It is truly frightening.

But another point of clarification, one about strategy, was also evident. We learned how to win.  The way to effectively combat the attacks on our culture is to fight back hard. Again, this is not an allusion to Trump fighting back, but to Judge Kavanaugh and the Republican Senators. We learned how to win.

We need to press forward for one more month! This event ended in victory through the addition of a constitutionalist to the U.S. Supreme Court. A bullet was dodged, and that’s exhilarating. We should rejoice in the win. But remembering how this win happened, we should also throw ourselves into the ongoing political warfare that is now clearly raging around us.

So, we suggest you bring celebration and work together by having a voting party! Ballots here in Oregon will be mailed next week. Invite some friends together at your home or church to discuss the candidates and issues, and mark your ballots.  You know what’s at stake and will be voting. A voting party is a way to encourage your friends and relatives to vote as well, and have fun at the same time.

PEAPAC’s Biblical Ballot Measure Voters Guide will also be in the mail next week. If you’re not on our mailing list, give us your address, and let us know how many guides you’d like.

Oregon’s vote by mail system is a great opportunity to get together, talk through the issues and candidates, and encourage one another to vote. Remember, good folks may disagree at points and that’s okay! But have some fun, get some work done and encourage others!

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