You’re Mad As Hell, and Here’s What To Do!

It’s likely you were as disgusted as we were at the behavior of the Democrats in last week’s Kavanaugh hearing. The mask is off, and it ain’t pretty. What can we do besides yell out of our windows?

  1. Give thanks to God that He has given the nation an up-close look at the real danger we are facing. Many are now awake and looking for ways to defend the rule of law. They sense winter is coming, and the crisis can’t be ignored. The Dems are using every dirty trick in the book because they know that the contest between liberty and tyranny, between the Constitution and progressivism, is at a critical stage. They smell victory and a whole new “America.” But thank God that He has awakened the sleeping giant.
  2. When you see ads for local races, look at the Democrat candidate through the lens of the lawlessness you saw in the Kavanaugh hearing. The Democrats are completely united on the side opposing us by means of slander, smear, and intimidation. Have you heard any of them telling their fellow Democrats to shape up?
  3. Contact the Republican candidates running in your area, and ask how you can help. Find your state Legislators and Congressman by typing in your address here:

  1. Enlist others in this fight. We’d love to talk with your friends and help you encourage others!
  2. Use the FREE key to turning the Legislature around – your political action tax credit! Take back some of your state taxes and give them to fight for liberty. The first $50 (single) or $100 (married couple) given to a candidate or political action committee (such as ours – PEAPAC) results in a dollar for dollar tax credit against your 2018 state taxes. Its FREE! But you must use it or lose it.

Amazingly, only 5% of Oregon taxpayers use this tax credit! Many of those are union members voting Blue. This is the most important untapped resource to win the war and stop the progressives. PLEASE, whether you send it to us, a candidate, or a like-minded PAC, use your free tax credit and get your friends to do the same! FAQs about the tax credit can be found here:

Channel your righteous anger into constructive engagement!

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