HOW to Break the Liberal Stranglehold – What We CAN Do

What we do over the next 40 days will determine if we stop the liberals raid on our pocketbooks and our liberty.

The most important thing, of course, is to vote, and encourage other like-minded Oregonians to vote. But there is more we can easily do in this critical election.

Over the next few days, we will spend a bit more time focusing on each of the actions listed below.

So, what can we do?

Talk effectively. Most of us have family, friends, church family, work associates, neighbors, etc. Let them know how important this election is. We will offer some thoughts that might be helpful to increase your effectiveness in our next two posts,

Volunteer strategically. 75 State legislators will be elected in November. But only a few of them are the critical races we need to win to rest control from the liberals. Most of these won’t be in your district, but you can help them anyway.

Be a church coordinator. Oregon churches are filled with those who embrace liberty. You could help them by being a conduit of information and encouragement from groups like ours.

Host a small group. Bring together a few friends and have someone come in to help explain the critical nature of this election, and how to effect it. If you need someone to come to such a meeting, let us know. We can help. We can discuss state politics, effective communication, the Bible and public policy, the political action tax credit, etc.

Use your political action tax credit. If you pay Oregon state taxes, the first $50 if your single, or $100 for a married couple, that is given to political action groups like ours results in a dollar for dollar tax credit. It really costs nothing, and collectively has a great impact. The vast majority of Oregonians don’t make use of this wonderful tool to impact state politics.

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Let’s Win!

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