Break the Liberal Stranglehold on Oregon


In just 40 days, Oregonians will decide whether we give control to those who will raise our taxes and decrease our liberties, or those who will fight for our freedoms. This is a critical election for Oregon.  If the Dems win just 2 more seats, 1 in the Oregon house, and 1 in the Oregon senate, the they’ll have the supermajority needed to raise taxes as much as they want. But if we pick up just two strategic seats, we can block every progressivist bill they introduce.  And like other recent races, these seats may well be decided by a small handful of votes. This is doable!!

Why is this important? Because progressive control has been a disaster.

1)     Taxes on businesses are UP

2)    State funded abortions are UP

3)    PERS deficit and share of state spending is UP

4)   School spending is UP, but because of PERS, the number of teachers is DOWN

5)    The number of bums on the street is UP

6)   Government-caused housing unaffordability is UP

7)    High school graduation rates are DOWN

8)    Intrusive regulations on rental properties are UP

9)    Aggressive regulation of property and businesses are UP

10)    Support for law enforcement agencies, such as ICE, is DOWN

11)    State-run foster care and health care scandals are UP

12)   Corruption in state government is WAY UP

13)   Antifa harassment of innocent individuals is UP


“Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said ‘We should go up and take possession of the land, for we are well able to overcome it.’” Numbers 13:30

Ready to engage?

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