Government School Tyranny – And An Answer!

We got another “pound sand” message to parents and their high school students last month. But the same Portland federal judge who delivered the message also gave them the answer to their dilemma.

Parental oversight of government schools, student well-being at those schools and sanity itself were dealt a blow last month. In July, a federal judge in Portland ruled that high-school boys who feel like they’re girls can use the girl’s bathrooms and showers, and vice versa. Parents had brought a legal action to stop the practice at Dallas High School west of Salem.

Clearly, the schools could accommodate concerned parents and students by providing transgender bathrooms. But this is seen as discrimination against the transgenders.

Just as clearly, today’s public schools serve as overt progressivist indoctrination centers. K-12 kids get years of instruction on the evils of capitalism and the greatness of government. They are taught to trust the State and distrust the free market. Theories of evolution and human caused global warming are taught as obvious facts. If your pastor or parent doesn’t buy them, they are ignorant regressives. The Fifth Commandment is thus eviscerated. And now, the new socio-political mob-think on LGBT issues is mandated, both in instruction and practices in the bathroom.

This would have come as no surprise to the 19tn century Presbyterian leader and head of Princeton seminary A. A. Hodge. In 1886, he said the following: about the danger America’s newly formed public-school system brought:

“It is capable of exact demonstration that if every party in the State has the right of excluding from the public schools whatever he does not believe to be true, then he that believes most must give way to him that believes least, and then he that believes least must give way to him that believes absolutely nothing, no matter in how small a minority the atheists or agnostics may be. It is self-evident that on this scheme, if it is consistently and persistently carried out in all parts of the country, the United States system of national popular education will be the most efficient and wide instrument for the propagation of Atheism which the world has ever seen.”

Actually, Hodge missed the mark a bit. Pluralism is a transition from one orthodoxy to a new one. Progressivism, the new “church” that once espoused pluralism, is now using all levers of government authority to get you to submit to the new doctrines and practices taught in government schools.

What’s a parent to do? Well, the Judge provided an answer to the dilemma he put parents in. In his opinion, he said that parents who disagree with his ruling and the bathroom practice are welcome to pull their children from the school. (Of course, your property taxes won’t go with you!)

In the next few days we will talk about a couple of options that would make it easier for parents to exit the government school system. One solution involves elected legislators and the other involves churches stepping up.  Stay tuned!

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