Few But Mighty – Our 2018 Oregon Ballot Measures

In addition to critical votes for state lawmakers and Governor, there are five measures on Oregon’s November ballot.

Measure 102 would allow municipal bond revenue to fund privately owned affordable housing. Another attempt to address homelessness and housing problems around the edges, without addressing the core issues.

Measure 103 would ban taxes on groceries. This is preemptive, since there is currently no sales tax in Oregon.

Measure 104 would define what revenues would require the current three-fifths supermajority legislative vote to be increased. It’s the “A Tax is A Tax” measure, seeking to close tricky loopholes Democrats have used to raise revenues with a simple majority vote.

Measure 105 seeks to repeal Oregon’s current sanctuary state law, which has handcuffed our law enforcement officials and contributed to our illegal alien problem.

Measure 106 would ban the use of public funds for abortions, protecting at least some threatened babies in the womb.

Money, property, the sanctity of life, and borders. Very significant issues. We will be addressing each of these in detail over the next couple of weeks, so keep tuned!

And we will once more publish our Biblical Ballot Measures Voters Guide this October, addressing each of these measures from a distinctively biblical perspective. Please click the “subscribe” button on our peapac.org homepage for your copy when it is available. And be sure to let us know if you want more of them to distribute to your friends, church, etc. We are also available to come to a group and speak

.Don’t let the small number of Measures fool you. We can do some very significant social good through them!


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