Kate Brown is Bi

Two weeks ago, OPB’s Think Out Loud radio show featured hour-long interviews with Kate Brown and Knute Buehler. One of these two will be Oregon’s governor next January. These shows are available online and were replayed on OPB’s Politics Now. They were excellent interviews, dealing with their backgrounds and personal life, not with public policy issues. They both came across as good people. It is important to keep a sense of each other’s humanity as we enter the political fray, and these interviews help us do that. I enjoyed the interviews and was particularly pleased with the civility that programs like these may bring back to our fractured electorate. Both Ks (Knute and Kate) came across as compassionate and caring.

Clearly, our context is one in which political emotions are running very high. From a Constitutional conservative perspective, the real loss of liberty we have already experienced is highly concerning. And now well-meaning but foolish progressives like Brown are intent on removing even more liberty. The stakes are high.

Losing our humanity and civility, however, will not, in the end, advance our cause. So, please, no “flush” comments, and let’s treat each other with the respect we all deserve as image bearers of God.

In the interview, Kate openly discussed her being bisexual. I am not disrespecting her to bring this up. She made it clear that she wants this issue raised, hoping that will lead to increased respect and tolerance. The Bible, God’s Word, has quite a bit to say about sex. Christians should not be cowed into avoiding the topic, since God’s Word addresses it quite a bit. That’s not because He is prudish, but rather because He is loving, desiring true human flourishing and joy. Father knows best. But this blog is not about Governor Brown’s sexual practices. Its about the other “bi”, her bipolarity.

I am not using the term in its clinical sense, but in the broader definitional sense. On one hand, or at one pole, she advocates total freedom. This extends to subjects such as sexual practices, autonomous movement over national borders, drug use, and the murder of the unborn. At the same time, at the other pole, she and all progressives want you to have less and less freedom over your child’s education, your health decisions, the fruit of your labor, and your property or business. Great freedom in one direction, and very little freedom in the other.

Now, I respect Gov. Brown. I sincerely believe that her bi-polarity is motivated by a desire to help people. But as God instructs us “the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” I take this to mean that when we trust our own inclinations about helping, rather than by relying on the loving Father’s Word, we may well end up hurting people rather than helping them (Proverbs 12:10).  Think of the little child who in love feeds his goldfish as much as the fish will eat, and the fish dies from the child’s attempted kindness.

In a way, Kate’s political bipolarity is a form of insanity, a rejection of the real. The God of all reality says that its best to treat the powerful blessings of sex the way He intended – to be a grand delight in the context of biblical marriage. He says to protect life, including children in the womb. He warns against drunkenness, induced by whatever mechanism, as it distorts the blessed reality He has lovingly provided to us. And, from one end of the bible (Genesis 10) to its other (Rev. 22:2), He affirms nations with borders and walls.

I thank Kate Brown for her heart’s desire to help people. I greatly appreciate her self-sacrificial service. But I pray that God might grant her the grace to consider turning to His Word as she seeks the well-being of others. Until then, she is doing great harm. And until then, she will remain politically bipolar, with a fractured harmful view of freedom and restraint. And until then, her election mans unintended cruelty, but cruelty none the less.


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