Kate Brown Began by Winning by Just 7 Votes


In just 54 days, ballots will be in the mail for one of the most important elections in our time. As we discussed yesterday, we stand at a crossroads here in Oregon. On the one hand, the results may usher in the biggest tax increase and loss of liberty in Oregon’s history. On the other hand, we may be able to bring the anti-liberty agenda of the progressives to a screeching halt. Will you stand up? Perhaps you think your vote is unimportant, particularly in liberal Oregon. Don’t give in to this spell being cast to keep you on the sidelines at this critical juncture.

We talked yesterday about the 2 vote Democrat majority in the Oregon Senate. One of those two votes is Chuck Riley from Senate District 15 in Hillsboro. Four years ago, he beat the Republican incumbent by just a little over 200 votes.  If we can flip just over 100 votes, or increase conservative turn out by a little more than 200 votes in this District, the Republican challenger wins the seat in November.

Given the fact that one of Oregon’s State Senators sometimes votes with Republicans, we could almost say that the current Democrat control of the Senate is based on just a handful of votes, people who four years ago thought that their vote couldn’t change anything. But their failure to vote actually gave the progressives power to increase abortions, raise taxes, reduce liberty, etc. Your vote is critical!

Even more dramatic is what happened in Virginia’s state assembly earlier this year. The Republicans got majority control of the assembly after a candidate’s name was drawn from a bowl. Each candidate had 11,607 votes. If just one anti-progressive voter stayed home, the Democrats would have won that seat, and with it, control of the assembly. They would be in control of Virginia.

While we are focusing on our state’s legislative races, the Governor’s race is instructive. Gov. Kate Brown has been at the helm while taxes have gone up, the foster care children were harmed, the state health care system was massively defrauded, abortions were made free to illegals, and the PERS debt ate up more and more school funding, resulting in teacher layoffs even while school spending has never been higher. How did such a poor leader come to power? Eight voters stayed home. In 1992, in her first election seeking state office, she won by a 7 vote victory.

The point is clear, right? This election is critical. Your participation is critical! We need each other to choose a brighter future for our State and avoid a very bleak one.




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