November’s Critical Election – In Oregon!

By now, everyone is well aware of the importance of this fall’s midterm election. If the Democrats take control of the United States House of Representatives, the push to impeach President Trump will begin, with all the attendant negative results.

But few people know that November’s Oregon state election is just as critical. The fate of a huge tax increase hangs in the balance. And at the same time, the smashing of America’s left coast big blue wall is also a distinct possibility.

If the Democrats pick up just one more seat in the Oregon House and one in the Senate, they will be able to enact huge tax increases around the whole carbon credit scheme. They desperately want to pass a huge carbon tax in one form or another. Money is power, and increased taxes equals increased control, and less liberty. They are currently hindered by the Oregon requirement of a super-majority to pass new taxes. The Dems are just one vote shy in both House and Senate. If we allow just one more House seat and one more Senate seat to go Democrat, they have a clear path to raise taxes as much as they want, which also means lessening Liberty for the rest of us.

If on the other hand, Republicans can pick up just two more Senate seats, the big blue wall would no longer be intact.  On the Left Coast, Oregon, Washington and California all have complete Democrat control of their House, Senate and Governor’s office. This is what is meant by the big blue wall. Not only could we crack that wall, but more importantly, we would stop the liberal progressive agenda in Oregon. Right now, 17 of Oregon’s 30 state Senators are Democrats. That means that if Republicans pick up just two more Senate seats, the Dems would no longer have sole control. Oregon’s progressive agenda would come to a screeching halt.

Tomorrow, we will look at the  significance of YOUR vote as we face this critical battle.

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