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Welcome! We are pleased that you have accessed our web page. We'll try to keep you informed about political news, particularly as it relates to home schools and private schools in Oregon. God has seen fit to use us for over a decade to help preserve and expand the liberty parents in Oregon have to educate their children without state interference.

If you are interested more particularly in finding a home school support group, getting curriculum, or other general home school information, please feel encouraged to call OCEAN (Oregon Christian Education Association Network). They have a voice mail system, and includes information on local home school support groups, et cetera. Their number is 288-1285. OCEAN's mailing address is 2515 NE 37th Avenue, Portland, OR 97212.

Please feel free to browse around our web page. Before you do, however, let me tell you why we chose our name. For many years the National Education Association, NEA, has been a strong political force. It has helped move our country away from its Christian heritage and away from the freedoms that accompany Biblical faith. It claims to focus on education. But it has supported many left-wing causes such as abortion and sodomy (homosexuality). The NEA is a teachers union, and is publicly and vocally opposed to home schools and private schools that do not use state-certified teachers.

The Parents Education Association, PEA, was named to suggest our desire to be a counterweight to the NEA. Our name also points to our desire to unite parents to fight politically for parental freedom in education. Our vision for America is a return to the faith of our fathers, and the resultant freedom, liberty and order that accompany a culture built on God's Word. What was once an essentially Christian culture in America has, for all intents and purposes, been destroyed. Yes, there is much darkness. But we are called to be light. It is time we apply the truth of Luke 11:33, removing the bushel-baskets and letting our light shine in this world.

I have five children, and my hope and prayer for each of them is that they might hold "forth the word of life." My goal is that they may "shine as lights" in the "midst of a crooked and perverse nation," (Phil. 2:15,16). My purpose is that they may be part of the seeds of renewal that God is sowing in America. With God's blessing, they will be part of a new generation that will be more faithful than their fathers (see Psalm 78:6-8). May they then grow a new Christian culture that is more self-consciously Biblical and more mature than America has ever seen. To that end, we dedicate our labors.

In the service of the King of Kings,

Dennis Tuuri

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