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This Voters Guide was prepared by Dennis Tuuri. Dennis is the Executive Director of the Parents Education Association, and a Board Member for the Oregon Family Council. He pastors at Reformation Covenant Church meeting in Oregon City, Oregon, and resides in Canby with his wife Christine and their four children. Their oldest daughter is married.

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The Voters Guide is a Guide

According to the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Bible is "the only rule of faith and obedience." We have tried in this Guide to bring Scriptural truths to bear on the two ballot measures we must vote on in Oregon this year. But good men can and do disagree, particularly when it comes to what can be very complex public policy issues. Please use this guide as a guide, not as a rulebook. Think about the issues carefully and prayerfully, then vote on the issues you are confident of, and don't feel compelled to vote if you are uncertain.

Ballot Measure Title Measure Number Yes/No
Measure #54 Lowers Voting Age for School Board Elections From 21 to 18. 54 No
Measure #55 Makes Transition to New Legislative Districts More Orderly. 55 Yes
Measure #56 Removes Double Majority Requirement, Making It Easier to Raise Your Property Taxes. 56 No
Measure #57 The Legislature's: Weaker Alternative to Measure 61. 57 No
Measure #58 Puts Non-English Speaking Public School Students On a Fast Track to Learning English. 58 Yes
Measure #59 Eliminates Double Taxation, Lowers Taxes. 59 Yes
Measure #60 Ties Public School Teacher Wages to Their Performance. 60 Yes
Measure #61 Creates Substantial Mandatory Prison Sentences for Drug and Property Crimes. 61 Yes
Measure #62 Directs 15% of Lottery Proceeds to Fighting Crime. 62 Yes
Measure #63 Waves Building Permit Requirements for Minor Home Improvements. 63 Yes
Measure #64 Stops Unions From Using State Resources for Political Purposes. 64 Yes
Measure #65 Dramatically Changes Oregon's Elections. 65 No

This voters guide produced by Parents Education Association, PAC.

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