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Use Your Taxes For Something You Support!

Yes! Here is my contribution to help the Parents Education Association PAC publish the Biblical Ballot Measures Voters Guide, help elect pro-family Legislators and Judges, and promote important family issues. If this is my Political Tax Credit, I understand I will get the entire amount back on my 2018 Oregon tax return, up to $100 for married couples, $50 for singles. If I don't use the political action tax credit, this part of my taxes will end up going to the government.

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* Oregon election law requires occupational information for each individual contributor. Occupational information includes both of the following: 1) the nature of the individual's primary occupation and 2) If the individual is employed by another person, the name and address (city and state) of the individual's employer.

Occupation is the NATURE of an individual's primary job or business, whether paid or unpaid (e.g., homemaker, nurse, forester, teacher, salesperson or lawyer). "Not employed" and "retired" are acceptable designations for occupation. "Self-employed," "business owner," "public employee," "education employee," or listing only a title (e.g., president, chief executive officer or administrator) ARE NOT acceptable unless the nature of the business or employment is indicated (e.g., clothing manufacturer president, CEO timber industry or medical office administer).

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