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   - protecting and advancing liberty for parents to supervise their children's education.
   - addressing a wide variety of public policy issues from a Biblical perspective.
   - helping to train Christians in the application of the scriptures to politics in Oregon.
   - developing a thoroughly Christian worldview.

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2016 Election
2016 Voters' Guide - it's here!
- 2016 Voters' Guide, view the PDF version

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Check out PEAPAC's Facebook page and be a part of the discussion on the upcoming election. The discussion section, contains the first draft of the 2010 Biblical Ballot Measures Voters Guide and our candidate survey. Join in the duscussion!

2014 Election
2014 Voters' Guide
- 2014 Voters' Guide, view the PDF version

The New Oregon School Reform Laws, With Comments by PEAPAC

2010 Election
- 2010 Candidate Endorsment, view the PDF version
- 2010 Voters' Guide, view the PDF version

2008 Election Sermons
- Ballot Measures 57 and 61, Pastor Dennis Tuuri
- Ballot Measure 63, Pastor Dennis Tuuri
- Ballot Measures 64 and 65, Pastor Dennis Tuuri
- Measures 54, 56 and 59, Pastor Dennis Tuuri

2007 Executive Letter - Executive Director, Dennis Tuuri, shares the good news as well as the bad news in recapping this years politics. Read more of our 'straight-forward, Christian analysis of public policy issues based on the bible' analysis here.

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Past Voters Guide:
Please feel free to look through the voters' guides we have published in the past.
2010 Voters' Guide
2008 Voters' Guide
2007 Special Election Voters' Guide
2006 Primary Voters' Guide
2004 Voters' Guide
2002 Voters' Guide
2000 Voters' Guide
1999 Voters' Guide
1998 Voters' Guide
1997 Voters' Guide
1996 Voters' Guide


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